Animals Insects and Birds

Animals Insects Birds

The Common Vein copyright 2007


Walk in the Park

10859.800 Davidoff photography

Too Much of a Good Thing

02100p Davidoff photography

Chicks in Greece

02976p chickens chicks Greece food roadside seller young woman TCV the common vein Davidoff photography Davidoff MD

Mama Duck and Ducklings in Clear Water

78420p water Lucerne Switzerland August 2006 ducks and ducklings in the water Davidoff photography

Lama in the Mountains of Peru

06021pbb.8s Peru child children runny nose flu Impressionist mountains animals Lama Davidoff art Davidoff photography copyright 2009 all rights reserved

Facing a Lama

06062pb.8s Peru animal white lama face eyes nose mouth ears Davidoff photography copyright 2009 all rights reserved


The Birds and the Lady in White 

82008p.800 birds swans woman in white Bruges Belgium Davidoff photography

Black Bird at the Commons

82056pb01.800 bird black drying off The Commons Boston Davidoff MD

I Ain’t Goin Nowhere

A rope, a ring a nostril, a beard, a tongue and a reluctant horse who will not budge.

Davidoff photography 02134p


Snapping Turtle

74089p snapping turtle Purity Springs New Hampshire animal water Davidoff photography

Garbage Eater – Macrophage

02308p.800 monkey baboon garbage South Africa Cape Town Davidoff photography

Instinctively Moving Together

78441pc02.800 cohesive movement pigeons Lake Lucerne Switzerland look scratch male female units to unity Davidoff photography Davidoff MD

Birds Sea and the Human Interface

80467pb01.8 Mexico birds environment pelican sea Playa del Carmen Davidoff photography

School of Travally Fish

83104b01.8k.8s school of Travally fish units to unity Applied Biology concepts The Common VEin Davidoff MD Davidoff photography Aquarium Atlantis Bahamas copyright 2009 akk rights reserved

Boy Shepherd

06026pb.8s Peru mountains animals sheep boy shepherd Davidoff photography copyright 2009 all rights reserved


Robin in the Spring at Crystal Lake

94913p.8s spring Crystal LAke robin bird orange April 2010 Davidoff photography copyright 2010

Crab Spider Eating a Dead Bee

crab spider eating a bee photography Courtesy Mike Ross MD copyright 2012 110333p.8


butterfly great spangled fritilary butterfly Lepidoptera photography Courtesy Mike Ross MD copyright 2012 110334p.8

Spider Web

Courtesy Mike Ross MD copyright 2012 110335p.8