06054pb01.8s Peru people Indian man hat men handshake links and connections hands Davidoff photography copyright 2009 impressionist all rights reserved

The Weakest Link

02005pb.8s lock chain open links and connections weakest link Davidoff photography Davidoff art copyright 2009


90997p.8k.8s The monkey bars are connected to a chain and the chain is connected top a wooden frame. In this case the functionality of the toy is dependant on the strength of the connections and bonds. The treeand the bushes in the background are of course depndant on the their roots to connect them to the ground and nutrition and the branches are connected to the atmosphere and the sun. links and connnections monkey bars units to unity sphere half two halves make the whole Davidoff photography Davidoff art copyright 2009 all rights reserved


91016p.8s This group of pine trees share space sun and water. They share the seasons. Usually not seen and not heard are their roots which share sustenance from the earth and they health and growth is deppendant on this as well. The roots of the first two trees are intermittantly connected and linked as can be seen by the first pair of trees whose roots can be seen growing toward each other. they are of course in competition but they have learned to live share, and combine with other trees to form a forest which in the end is bigger and more powewrful than the individual parts. Mason Rice School park trees links and connections share bond roots sun environment Davidoff photography Davidoff art Copyright 2009 All rights reserved

Sutures of the Skull

46304b04 bone skull suture shape CTscan Davidoff art

Locks Chains and Poles

Locks and chains in a hoop of steel with a cement wall in the background – Marblehead Massachusetts. Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD. 02107p interesting accessory Davidoff photography

Wall in the Mountain

0178.800 Peru farm wall units to unity mountains vertical agriculture food the common vein applied biology Davidoff photography Davidoff MD