Competition BU From Anywhere

BU Global Programs Phot Competition 

Runs from March 15-26 and the theme is “… from Anywhere”. We all have been in Learn from Anywhere (LfA) mode for a while now, so we would like you to show us the Joy (JfA), Family (FfA), Community (CfA), Life or Love (the other LfA’s), Hope (HfA), Resilience (RfA), or simply how you have Carried On from Anywhere (COfA). This year our BU community is spread all over the world and we want to see pictures of how you have spent this extraordinary year from anywhere.

We will be posting selected submissions throughout the contest to our Instagram account @buglobalprograms.

Peace from Anywhere
Sunrise on the water exudes supreme stillness in nature.  The fresh new day brings comfort and peace in this unsettled time.  
Ashley Davidoff
Exploring from Anywhere.
The photo reflects our imagination leading us beyond this planet, to reach new destinations in the universe.  The rickety ladder shows both the desperation of escape and the simultaneous brave adventure of exploration.
Ashley Davidoff
Flying Home from Anywhere
Ashley Davidoff