Covadonga Lakes and Picos de Europa

‘Covadonga Lakes and Picos de Europa’

Covadonga and the Lakes

Ashley Davidoff

The Common Vein Copyright 2012


Inland from Vigo

Mountains and Lakes


On the Road to Cova Donga

Covadonga cave of our lady virgin Mary Spain Covadonga west and north of the Picos de Europa

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Farms Eucalyptus Trees Farmhouses

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Man at Work

Replenishing Gas

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Mountains and Valleys

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Ancient Bridges with an Ancient Symbol

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The Cross Encompassing All

Alpha and Omega

First and Last

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The Ancient Bridge

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Asturian Costume


Asturian Music and Costume

Basilica of Santa María la Real

In the Mountains

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Colorful Home in the Mountains

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Rustic Home in the Mountains

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Wooden Bui;ding Used to Store Grain

Built on Stilts to Protect the Harvest from Mice


Stilts Separated from the Building By Rocks for Added Protection aginst the Mice

The Mountains of Limestone and a Road to the Top

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Tiny Flowers In the Rocks

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Thistle and Its Thorns

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The Little Purple One

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Vertical Formation of Limestone

Eroded and Formed by Water

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Still Climbing

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And One of Many Cows and their Bells in the Mountains

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Roving Families on the Road

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And the Clouds Say High

Picos de Europa National Park, created in 1918. Copyright 2012 112533pb.8

Cows Obstructing Traffic Up the Mountains


And the Snow Capped Mountains Say Very High and Verry Cold

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Some opf the Cows Stay Home and Make Very Expensive Cheese

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Red Tiled barn Held Down by Rocks

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Barns and Green Meadows among the Limestone Mountains

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Picos de Europa National Park

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At the End of the Road Two Beautiful Lakes

Lake Enol and Lake Ercina

Lake district of Covadonga are glacial lakes of the Asturias region aka Lakes of Enol or Los Lagos, Lake Enol and Lake Ercina in the Picos de Europa This range was the original center of the Picos de Europa National Park, created in 1918.

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The Beauty Inspires a Woman to Deep Introspection 

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Onward Among the Shifting Clous to the Second Lake

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Via and Old Mine

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…and a Short Hike

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…with the Sights and Sound of Cows All Around

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…and beautiful Rock Formation of the Limestone

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We Reach the Second Glacial Lake

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Great to be Here

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Surrounded by Snow Capped Picos de Europa

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More Cows and Tiny Yellow Flowers

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Connecting with the Beautiful Animal

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Surrounded by a Symphony of Bells

Where is the Lindt Chocolate? 

Oh we are in Spain!

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And the Ugly reality of What goes in Must Come Out

And Only the the Flies Are there to Appreciate It

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And Perhaps the Soil

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And the Purple Thistle

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A Peek at Lake 1 from Above and Through the Couds

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And the Hike Back to the Bus

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Via the Mine

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and Its Old Entrance

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and the Old Guard Now Silent

but with Many Stories to Tell

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often Told Under the Roof of the Moss Covered Red Tile held Down by Rocks During the Ravages of Stormy and Cold Weather

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A Pool of Water at the BAse of the Covadonga


and a Waterfall


and a Tiny Church at the Entrance to the Shrine


And then Back Down the Mountain to the Cave of our Lady the Virgin Mary



Entering the Church of thr Shrine


The Church Housing the Covadonga


A Replica of the Shrine in the Covadonga

The image was photographed in a store Images of the shrine are prohibited

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Looking Out from the Cave to the Moutains


And to the Adjoining Basilica of Santa María la Realfrom the Covadonga